Collaborative Design
Collaborative Design
Creation and adjustment of 3D CAD-modeing as a basis for prototyping and subsequent serial production

price from: 15 000 RUR/item

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Equipment and technologies

We provide a team of experts who will assist you in designing your product. A designated manager will be your point of contact responsible for providing the concept and detailed project implementation plan. While designing the product we rely upon branch-specific norms and standards in order to allow our customers to take advantage of standard components available in the market, increase effectiveness and scale down expenditures on integrated end-products. We can produce a product sample at the earliest possible project implementation stage and, following the prototype testing and approval by our experts as well as the customer, start serial production.

Working together with our experts you should be able to focus exclusively on the end-product, leaving all activities regarding design of electronics protection means to the experienced staff of our company.

Collaborative Design
stages of work
our approach
Discussing the client
The process starts with meticulous discussion of the customer requirements and expectations. This includes parameters, technical specifications and unique design aspects.
Assessment of
technical capabilities
REZOLUT engineers conduct capability analysis and evaluate how to meet in the best way possible the customer requirements.
Design and
Taking advantage of specialized software like CAD, REZOLUT-experts develop three-dimensional product and component models in accordance with the customer demands.
Joint design often includes several discussion and project correction iterations. The customer makes his comments, proposals and undertakes changes to the design.
Testing and
Following the design stage completion, testing and evaluation are conducted to make sure that the product meets security, reliability and effectiveness standards.
Final approval and
After the final design approval, the production stage begins.
Support and
REZOLUT matter-of-factly provides support and services to customers at all cooperation stages which includes after-sales servicing and making changes to the product if necessary.