Expanding the range of two-component RF Shields

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In 2023, REZOLUT manufactured more than 2000 two-component molded RF Shields. As a rule, each customer order is unique and requires our design office involvement. Summarizing such orders invariably results in our product range expansion.

Our RF Shields manufactured of high-quality materials, such as tinned tin, brass, Alloy 770 – nickel silver, stainless steel etc., provide for a number of varying form factors. Depending on customer requirements we offer titanium, copper or aluminum spraying.

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We manufacture a broad range of one- and two-component molded and solid-drawn RF Shields that could be installed by virtue of mounting pin or via surface assembly. Various methods of connecting screen corners are possible including laser welding.

Material thickness, screen size and other characteristics could be adjusted according to customer design documentation. In order to facilitate the manufacturing process and product identification we offer serial number, logo and other ID-info placement by laser marking, UV- and silk screen printing.

We offer solutions allowing for an effective protection of electronic appliances, high EM-compatibility level and interference avoidance.