New possibilities of front panel modification

Front panels form the overall aesthetic outlook of your instrumental unit. Notwithstanding the standard design of these units depending on specific electronic devices, the appearance of their facial side could substantially differ thanks to application of different coating, engraving, multicolor template or digital laser printing. We try hard to meet our customers’ desires in order to provide for personalized and unique outlook of their appliances.

As of today, our company provides the most demanded service regarding the modification of front panels in the process of their manufacturing in full compliance with the customers’ technical requirements. Those modifications include the following:

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  • Mechanical improvements:
  • — Cutting additional openings of various configurations and sizes.

    — Component quantity and composition adjustment.

  • External outlook alteration:
  • — Ad hoc coloring.

    — Inscription, logo and other graphic pictures application.

  • End-product assembly:
  • — Piecemeal or complete PCB-, socket and other component installation.

    Not all manufacturers provide timesaving and economically effective services regarding the above modifications. REZOLUT Company, however, stands out thanks to its extensive working experience, diverse equipment assortment, time-honored technological methods as well as experienced personnel. This allows for timely, effective and high-quality fulfilment of any customer requests.

    Besides, we offer installation of additional components on front panels like, for example, extractor handles of different types.

    Choosing REZOLUT Company products that stand out through their design diversity, high quality level as well as additional service provision guarantees outstanding end-result. Looking forward to your orders.