More than 1000 19’’ Subracks in 2023

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The 19’’Subracks by REZOLUT Company has assumed its honorable place as sales’ leader being a high quality product. The comparison with the well-known sample equivalent EuropacPRO by SCHROFF proves the similarity of technical characteristics. This is a modern modular sub-block representing an ideal solution for integration of a number of electronic applications fully meeting the industry standard requirements.

The design is based on two lateral walls and no less than four cross beams. The diversity of front and rear cross rails is supplemented by two types (simplified and reinforced) of connection with respectfully one or two fasten openings. The unique variant of reinforced cross rail with elongated edge provides for reliability while installing and removing modules.

Component compatibility guarantees full substitution allowing for sub-block assembly meeting various customer requirements. For instance, using certain panel types and simplified rails one can fabricate price moderate sub-blocks whereas other panels with reinforced rails would contribute to product output meeting the highest standards for mobile and stationary solutions.

We also underline the possibility of adding means of EMI-protection to the design on hand without altering its already installed components. Our block chassis provide several possibilities for optimal product configuration including add-on flanges for component in-panel integration as well as connecting bars for rigid connection of two sub-blocks.

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The product range also includes several front, top, bottom and rear covers for mechanical and EMI-protection. REZOLUT as well offers various goods, such as partition and support panels for Frames designed for mounting heavy and non-standard equipment like transformers.

The REZOLUT Company choice of products is characterized by design diversity and high quality level providing for excellent end-result. We look forward to your orders.