IPG LightWELD 1500 manual laser welding unit in your production facility

REZOLUT offers full activity cycle to install a laser welding unit in your production facility. It is feasible for narrowly oriented business activities intending to increase the scope and upgrade the quality of manufacturing.

technician-focus-welding-process-spark-light-with-equipment 1.png

Advantages of IPG LightWELD 1500 application are as follows:

  • no contact between welding equipment and welded parts;
  • high-speed welding;
  • possibility of employing the robotic manipulator equipment for complex welding;
  • absence of flash;
  • solidity of produced seams;
  • possibility of high-precision welding;
  • absence of vibration;
  • gastight, hermetic seam production;
  • minimal thermo-damage and deformation;
  • possibility of merging resins of various compositions and coloring.

In 2023, six of our partners took advantage of the offer for installation of laser welding unit. Looking forward to cooperation.